Carol Goad


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About Carol Goad

I believe owning a home can be within everyone’s reach!  Sometimes it’s just knowing where to direct our questions.

I grew up moving schools every two years.  My dad had what I loving call a “gypsies” heart. (He was looking for the next prevailing wage job)  I lived in many communities and different kinds of houses.  I came to love so many aspects of many homes.  Sometimes I still want to move just to experience a new home and community!  Moving schools every two years also helped me learn how to problem solve and make friends easily.

After raising 5 children, Real Estate seemed like a natural progression for me.  I absolutely love walking along with my clients in the selling or buying of their home.  Serving WELL is my number one priority.

I am always honored when asked to be a part of someone else’s story/journey.   Let’s visit (coffee/soda is on me!) about what the next step looks like for you. 😊

I look forward to working with you!